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ORCHAPE: Belgium
51, rue Van Eyck, 1050 Brussels
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Since 1958, ORCHAPE has selected the best hunting ranges in France and all around the world to offer its clients hunts of excellence and wonderful experiences looking for magnificent animals.

ORCHAPE can organize the hunt of your dream in the country of your choice. Please contact our Orchape advisers to organize your tailor-made hunting trip:

Phone: +33 (0) 1 40 55 40 40 - e-mail:

Here are some examples of hunts available at ORCHAPE:

Argentina is a mythical land for all wild game enthusiasts, who will discover up to 16 different sorts of South American ducks living in immense swamps and ricefields of San Javier. You can also come at any time to shoot Turtledoves and fire hundred cartridges a day.
Doveshooting, African mix-shooting (Francolins, Guineafowl, African Ducks) in the bush.
The shooting of ducks on the banks of Lake Tchad is renown and can be compared to the one proposed in Argentina. How wonderful to discover these huge stretches of water lying in the middle of the dunes and covered with thousands ducks !

Discover the traditional pheasant drivens led in the purest czezch hunting tradition.

Pigeon shooting, traditional driven  Pheasant, rough shooting.
Ducks, pheasants or partridge, Orchape organizes small game hunts in the most beautiful places of France.
Hungary remains a popular place for shooting, because small game has always been the object of a particular care. In this country, we can mainly shoot hare and pheasant which we can still meet in abundance, in their natural state, in the big Hungarian plains.
Woodcock, Pheasant, Partridge, Ducks. Natural game in dreaming landscapes.
Just a stone’s throw from France, we invite you to shoot small game in that beautiful country of Morocco.The sensational beauty of the landscapes, the sun shine, the quality of shooting: everything is there to guarantee your satisfaction! Amateurs of the snipe shooting in beats, quail with a dog or new Gambra Partridge beat, will appreciate the quality shooting which we shall organize for you!
The gathering of young grey partridges and Pointer gives intense feelings of nostalgia to authentic shooting enthusiasts who are in favour of the shooting methods used by our forebears until the end of the sixties. In Poland there is a remarkable population of young grey partridges thanks to the maintenance of traditional culture.
Orchape organizes expeditions in Russian wild territories Russia to hunt the mythic Western Cappercaillie and Black Grouse.
Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant, Red-leg Partridge, drivens and rough-shooting.  Discover the scotish finest classic hunts in wonderful landscapes.

Flagship country of small game hunting in Africa. We offer the possibility to hunt guineafowls, francolins, doves, ducks and warthogs in comfortable camps which can receive all the family.

Spanish red partridges are often part of the program when it comes to small game enthusiat. They look for challenges in shooting and also a sunny climate, atmosphere and fascinatic scenery. We also offer the possibility to hunt quails with pointing dogs in Andalusia.

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