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14 Bis rue Daru, 75008 Paris
ORCHAPE: Belgium
51, rue Van Eyck, 1050 Brussels
Phone: +33 (0) 1 40 55 40 40
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Since 1958, ORCHAPE has selected the best hunting ranges in France and all around the world to offer its clients hunts of excellence and wonderful experiences looking for magnificent trophies.

ORCHAPE can organize the hunt of your dream in the country of your choice. Please contact our Orchape advisers to organize your tailor-made hunting trip:

Phone: +33 (0) 1 40 55 40 40 - e-mail:

Here are some examples of hunts available at ORCHAPE:

Live a true adventurous expedition hunting in ones of the the wildest territories of the world, looking for big trophies of Moose, Grizzly and Black Bear.
The perfect destination for true mountain hunting looking for chamois.
One of the best destination for Red Deer stalking. The country offers the possibility to shoot big trophies. We also organize trips dedicated to wildboar hunting.
Burkina Faso is a splendid country for big game hunting which offers the highest density of plains game of West Africa. You will experience new sensations, enjoying quality services with nice people on a controlled budget It’s the best place to collect, with family, nice trophies of all the western species like Roan, Sing-Sing waterbuck, Nagor Reedbuck and Savannah Buffalo.
Our different territories in England offer vast possibilities for big-game hunting : Roebuck, Red Deer, Muntjac Deer, Fallow Deer, …
Orchape can organize for its clients any types of big-game hunts in France : Chamois, Roebuck, Red deer and of cours Wildboar, stalking and drivens.

For more information please consult our dedicated website :

The best destination for Roebuck trophy hunting. A lot of spectacular animals in beautiful landscapes.
Well-known for small-game hunting, Ireland is also a good destination for Sika Deer stalking.
We encourage you to visit this wonderful country. It is at the moment the best destination in Africa to take Elephant with 60+lbs. ivory weight per tusk. The seaside in Mozambique is magnificent and perfect for a relaxing stay after the safari.
Namibia is the perfect destination to live in family a first safari in Africa. Quality of the territories and accomodations, authenticity of the hunt and beauty of the landscapes will ensure you a wonderful experience.
Hunting in Poland still affords a true change of scenery. The pursuit of Wild Boars by moonlight, will give you extraordinary vibrations.The tradition of drivens in Poland remains a big moment of conviviality for a group of friends. Poland is often the first hunting destination for big game amateurs and we invite you to join them!.
Well-known for small-game hunting, Scotland is also a good destination for Roebucks and Deer stalking.

Discover big-five hunting in Africa in a vast area with hight standing accomodations in the heart of Limpopo province.

The perfect destination for true mountain hunting looking for chamois.

Monteria is high in colour and we can guarantee the presence in our territories of a large number of local Ibex for stalking. Orchape suggests organizing a made to mesure high quality hunt for you. We have 50 years experience and a thorough knowledge of the best Iberian territories.

Wonderful destination for authentic hunts. We propose several territories where you can hunt the Attila Wildboar, the biggest wildboard of the world, but also the magnificent Bezoard Ibex and the Anatolian Deer.

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